On Thursday, I was happy to join the School Safety First Car Rally in Wolcott. As your State Senator the safe return of students to their classrooms would be a top priority of mine. We cannot mess this up.

We must listen to the advice of experts, concerns of teachers and parents, as well as students’.

Let me be clear. One dead student, teacher or faculty member is one too many.

Recently I had the life changing experience of becoming a father. I have to be honest, I currently cannot imagine sending my son to school in the fall.

We must, as a state and community, support parents, students and our teachers. However, we must also recognize that many working parents in our communities use school as a form of childcare during the day. During the ongoing pandemic and if ultimately schools remain virtual in the fall we must as a state and community support parents and students. This means ensuring parents have access to safe & affordable childcare, as well as access to the necessary technology to complete their online schooling.

This is an issue that I will be watching as we move closer to the fall. If you have any concerns or know a student or family who needs internet access or the equipment to complete their online schooling please reach out to me.


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I want to be very clear that I have many friends and family members who are police officers and I’m disappointed that the police accountability bill was rushed through in a special session. I would’ve voted “NO” on this bill as it is currently written.

When I am elected as your State Senator, in the 16th District, I will always listen to my community and put “people before politics”. I will work with my fellow lawmakers in Hartford to tighten up this legislation, eliminate the grey areas and make sure we don’t need fact sheets to understand the law.

A bill which affects public safety, our municipal budgets and municipal employees across the state deserves careful consideration. There are a lot of great things in this bill like requiring body cams and providing additional training. However, I’m concerned the bill leaves open the opportunity for frivolous lawsuits and fear this will cause us to lose a lot of great officers, and recruitment costs will sky rocket.

Over the past couple of weeks I have spent a lot of time doing my research, reading the bill and speaking to officers, neighbors, friends, family members and residents in the district. I’ve seen some fact sheets floating around trying to clarify the bill, and all the misunderstanding tells me we need to fix this issue.

We need to show our brothers and sisters in law enforcement we are with them and give them the opportunity to influence this legislation. I believe changes are necessary to allow state and local police officers to do their jobs and protect them (and our municipalities), while improving accountability and ensuring we are protecting the civil liberties of our BIPOC community and prevent further tragedy.

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1 week ago

Jack Perry for State Senate

School Safety First Car Rally in Wolcott, Connecticut with Jack Perry ...

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I’ve had a large number of folks reach out to me related to our current State Senator’s lone NO vote in the State Senate against affordable insulin. The vote is shocking but if you’ve followed his voting record, unsurprising.

We need to make Connecticut affordable. That starts with making sure our residents can afford their prescription drugs.

Want to help us defeat a failed career politician?

Click this link to volunteer with our campaign: votejackperry.com/volunteer/

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